Alec Baldwin and James Toback Join Forces for Cannes Documentary SEDUCED AND ABANDONED

     May 15, 2012


Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and Oscar-nominated director James Toback (Bugsy) want to make a movie—a political drama (or something) in which Baldwin will star. But they don’t have the money. So they’re going to Cannes to pitch their ideas to some money men. There are no guarantees that it’s going to happen. But don’t worry, because while they’re trying to get that film made, they’re going to be making another film…a documentary, in fact, about trying to get their other film made. It’s all very avant-garde.

While the film they’re trying to get made is currently untitled, the film they’re filming about trying to get that film made is called Seduced and Abandoned. It will follow their efforts to secure financing for a movie armed with only an idea and take audiences inside Cannes, exploring how the industry is changing and the festival itself is no longer just a festival. The two have already lined-up interviews with the likes of Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, and Bernardo Bertolucci. Hit the jump for more.

Said Toback to Deadline:

james-toback-seduced-and-abandoned“We will talk to every billionaire financier in Cannes, to a few directors and movie stars to get a sense of where film is today and how it is changing as a business, and the whole evolution of Cannes from a pure festival to this bizarre mix of wildly diverse elements. It still clings to the pure notion of film, with all sorts of other ramifications from financial to maritime implications that make it so complex.

“We’re dead serious about the film we want to make,” he said. “Over the course of this movie, there will be a lot of fun and laughter in describing what the excitement of this place is like. In the case of Marty Scorsese already, we’ve gotten some fascinating views about films and we will add to that with more directors and some great actors. If we get the money, will make the second movie. If we don’t, we will have made a movie I will be thrilled to have made anyway. This is no prank.”

Prank or no, it seems like they might be a bit more invested in making their documentary than in seeing its subject come to fruition, which could compromise the veracity of the exercise. Still, this sounds fun.



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