Alex Fernandez, Michael Trucco & Marta Milans Talk Character Name-Changes, On-Screen Eating and More on the Set of ABC’s New Series, KILLER WOMEN

     January 7, 2014


Tricia Helfer is a force to be reckoned with as Molly Parker in ABC’s upcoming series Killer Women, but even a rough and tough Texas Ranger needs a support system.  Even though some officers haven’t warmed up to the idea of having a female Texas Ranger around, Molly’s boss – Alex Fernandez’s Company Commander Luis Zea – is well aware of her ability and the value of her unique intuition that lets her tap into the minds of female killers. When Molly isn’t out making sure justice is served, she’s spending time with her big brother Billy (Michael Trucco), his wife Becca (Marta Milans) and their two daughters on their San Antonio ranch.  Hit the jump for more on Killer Women’s supporting line-up.  The Killer Women season premiere will air on ABC tonight at 10/9c.

Even though they weren’t filming, Fernandez, Trucco and Milans all came to set to run through their experience playing these roles thus far. Check out the trio talking name-changes, character backstories, Zea’s office policies, Trucco’s experience getting bucked from a horse, a very important burrito and more in the video interviews below.

Alex Fernandez

Michael Trucco

Marta Milans

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