Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci Exclusive Video Interview – EAGLE EYE

     September 23, 2008

If you don’t know who Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are…I’m taking away your geek membership. In fact, the only way I’ll let you off the hook is if you’ve been in a coma. The reason is, Alex and Bob have been working on things that geeks care about.

But for the few that don’t know who they are…they’re the screenwriters of the first and second “Transformers” movie, the upcoming J.J. Abrams directed “Star Trek” movie, a bunch of “Alias” episodes, and they’re helped to create the new show on Fox called “Fringe.”

Yeah…you could sort of say getting to interview them was a big deal.

The reason I got to sit down with Alex and Bob is they’ve produced the new D.J. Caruso movie “Eagle Eye,” which of course stars Shia LaBeouf as a man on the run.

Since I know you’ve all seen the commercials and watched the trailer, you all know it’s a summer movie arriving in September. The interesting thing you may not know is “Eagle Eye” was a Steven Spielberg idea that took a long time to develop. Actually, Alex and Bob do a good job of explaining so I’ll let them…

Look, if you’re a fan of any of the movies or shows I mentioned above, you’ll really enjoy this interview. We talked about how the movie got made, what they have coming up, and I asked plenty of geeky questions.

Finally, since the interview is kind of long, I’ve divided it up into two parts. As always, I’ve listed what we talked about to not waste your time. I hope you like this one, it was a blast to do.

Of course a big thanks to everyone that made this happen and to Alex and Bob for answering all of my questions. And if you missed the “Eagle Eye” clips we posted, click here to see them.

Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci part 1

· How do they manage to balance all the projects they’re involved with and still maintain the quality – they talk about their history of working on TV and how they helped them

· Eagle eye questions

· What was the experience like, what was the most challenging part, what was the thing they weren’t expecting that they had to deal with

· Since Steven Spielberg was so involved in Eagle Eye, I ask if they ever had time to geek out with him about his movies – they tell some good stories

· With them being producers of Eagle Eye, I ask how involved were they in breaking down the action scenes and where they’d spend the money etc…

· I ask if they will only work with Shia now…they tell me they’re trying to get legal custody.

· Being serious…I ask what it’s like working with him on set and their relationship. They talk about rewriting for him not only on Eagle Eye, but on Transformers 2

Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci Part 2

· I ask if they were surprised at how super successful the first Transformers movie was – they tell some good stories

· I ask how did the success of the first film offer them more freedom on Transformers 2

· We talk about Shia and his parents on the first Transformers and if they’ll have more funny stuff together in the sequel

· I ask when we might be getting a trailer for either Star Trek or Transformers 2 – they say November

· We talk about what else they’re developing

· Fringe talk – I ask how that’s been going and how many episodes FOX has committed to (13)

· With how badly The X-Files ended, I ask if they have an endgame for Fringe and they say yes and explain how it all came together

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