Limited Paper Exclusive: Alexander Iaccarino’s Ultra Limited-Edition Poster for Sony’s THE LAST OF US Revealed

     August 29, 2012

About a month ago, artist Alexander Iaccarino probably wasn’t feeling all that special:  like many other fledgling artists, he had a website, an online portfolio, and a small store with a few posters on sale.  But also like many others, Iaccarino hadn’t had his first big break.  Then along came that Akira poster, and within 24 hours…everything changed.  Among many other things, Iaccarino’s Akira poster put him on our radar here at Limited Paper, and—as it turns out—the timing couldn’t have been better.

Want to see Iaccarino’s latest poster?  Wanna know which of 2013’s most heavily-anticipated video games it’s based on?  And ya wanna know where you can score the super-limited-edition version of that poster?  It’s all after the jump, folks.

So, going back a few weeks, a few helpful readers pointed us in the direction of an artist by the name of Alexander Iaccarino.  Dude had a website with a few posters on display, and one of them had caught the attention of the poster-collecting community.   In case you missed it when we first crossed paths with that print, here it is again, for posterity:

Pretty goddamn cool, right?  We thought so, too.  So much so, in fact, that we included a link to the print in the Limited Paper that ran that day…and we weren’t the only ones.  Collectors on several different websites ended up passing the above photo around, and in a matter of hours every copy of Iaccarino’s Akira was sold out.  Shortly thereafter, Iaccarino experienced the singular joy that comes with suddenly finding yourself responsible for the printing and shipping of several hundred posters.

Luckily, Iaccarino survived that ordeal (“Yes, but what is left of him?”, the wise man asks), and a week or two ago he dropped me a line to tip me off about his next project:  at first, he couldn’t explain what this new poster was for, exactly…but he wanted to know if we’d be interested in featuring it here at Limited Paper.  I told him that’d depend on what the poster was based on (ya always gotta ask:  if I start blindly agreeing to everything that gets pitched via email, we’re gonna end up staring at photos of some jackass’ Steel Magnolias poster, and no one wants that).

“It’s for Naughty Dog’s new video game,” Iaccarino told me, and my head promptly exploded.

If you’re a gamer, then you know damn-well who Naughty Dog is.  If not, lemme fill ya in:  Naughty Dog is the company behind one of the all-time best video game franchises—the PS3’s Uncharted series (see photos above).  So far, there have been three Uncharted games (each managing to top the last in terms of storytelling, graphics, multiplayer awesomeness, etc), and right now the company’s hard at work on one of 2013’s most highly-anticipated games, a post-apocalyptic adventure game called The Last of Us.

Turns out, Sony hired Iaccarino to create a poster for the game, and they’re going to be dropping 3,000 copies of it at PAX (that’s the Penny Arcade Expo) in Seattle this weekend.  Let’s take a look at that poster now….

  • The Last of Us by Alexander Iaccarino
  • 11×17”
  • 1,000 given away per day at PAX (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Regular edition of 3,000

Now, this poster’s already been seen a few other places.  What hadn’t been announced until now is this:

  • The Last of Us by Alexander Iaccarino
  • 20×30”
  • Variant edition of 40
  • 15 given out Saturday and Sunday at PAX (at signing with the game’s developer)

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  “Nothing would be funnier than seeing a poodle on a unicycle”.  But forget about that right now—what you should be worrying about is whether or not you’re going to be at PAX this weekend.  If not, there’s still hope that you can grab one of the regular editions:  when something gets handed out en masse like that at a convention, a good number of that item usually show up on eBay at reasonable prices.

And if you’re gunning for the Variant/signed/big-ass edition?  Well, stay tuned to Limited Paper in the days ahead.  We might be able to help you with that…better stay tuned just in case.  We might also be able to provide you with a little Q&A with Iaccarino at some point in the next few days, but of course I wouldn’t know anything about that, either…

OK, I just answered the door and found a box from Sony on my porch.  Inside there was a dead fish with a note reading, “Loose lips sink ships, fanboy”.  I’m guessing that means it’s time for me to lay off the hints for the time being, but again:  if you’re interested in learning more about Iaccarino, The Last of Us, or the poster we’ve shown you above, you’ll wanna keep checking in with Limited Paper in the days ahead.  You can also stay tuned for a full-blown report from Ltd Art Gallery’s PRESS START show (also video-game themed!  We need more of these!), a massive preview from Bottleneck Gallery’s More Than You Imagined show (new Englert incoming!), and much, much more (including free stuff, ahem).

As always, hit me up via if you’re a gallery with a show you’d like to tell us about, an artist with a new print on the way, or even if you’re just some poor schmo who had some juicy poster-related info fall into his/her lap.  You can also keep up with us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper, or you can sound off in the comments section below if none of that sounds like the kinda thing that blows your skirt up.  Stay tuned, folks!  Much more in the days ahead!

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