Alfonso Cuarón to Write & Direct Untitled Family Drama Set in Mexico City Circa 1970

     September 8, 2016


It’s been three years since Alfonso Cuarón took us out to space with Gravity, his visually stunning yet dramatically thin telling of a realistic space disaster. Even having directed a new classic like Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men, and inarguably the best Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Gravity is his most publically adored film to date and since it’s numerous wins during awards season, we’ve been waiting to hear what’s next for the brilliant filmmaker.

gravity - alfonso cuaron

Image via Warner Bros.

Well, today, we got a bit of news about that. Cuarón will be partnering with Participant Media on an untitled project, which he will write and direct, that’s set in Mexico City during the 1970s. The press release says that the film will be focused on a family living in the city at the time, which already suggests a deeply personal connection to the material for Cuarón. The director was born in the city and went through his adolescence during the 1970s, but there’s really no telling as to what his script will focus on quite yet.

Production is set to begin this fall, with Cuaron working with regular producer Gabriela Rodriguez and Nicolas Celi, who produced Jonas Cuarón‘s upcoming Desierto and Amat Escalante‘s notorious Heli. Meanwhile, Jeff Skoll, David Linde, and Jonathan King will be handling executive producer duties for Participant Media, who are currently representing Pablo Larrain‘s Neruda and J.A. Bayona‘s A Monster Calls at Toronto International Film Festival. Regardless, it’s a major delight to hear that Cuaron will be returning to Earth for his next movie and he’s quoted as saying that the film is close to his heart in the press release, which is not exactly surprising. There is a downside to all of this though: we now have to wait for him to finish his next movie. And movies are notorious for taking a long time to make. Ladies and gentlemen, start your thumbs to twiddling.


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