Ali Wong & Randall Park on Their Netflix Rom-Com ‘Always Be My Maybe’

     June 1, 2019

Imagine bumping into your childhood sweetheart after not speaking to them for 15 years. How would you react? Would you embrace them with open arms, or barely acknowledge their existence? Netflix’s new romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe answers just that. The film stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as Sasha and Marcus, childhood friends who had a falling out and haven’t spoken to each other in 15 years. When Sasha returns to San Francisco to open a new restaurant, the two reconnect and realize there may be something more to their relationship.  

always-be-my-maybe-posterWith Always Be my Maybe now on Netflix, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ali Wong & Randall Park to discuss their new rom-com. During our conversation, the two talked about their collaborative process with Netflix, taking inspiration from their personal lives, using it in the script and explained how they got Keanu Reeves to join the cast. We also played a fun game of would you rather.

Check out what the two had to say in our interview above, and see the topics we discussed followed by the official synopsis of the film below. For more, you can read our full review here

Ali Wong and Randall Park:

  • Ali Wong reveals what it was like to switch from stand-up to an original movie.  
  • Randall Park talks about his passion for music and how that was the inspiration for the band in the movie 
  • Ali Wong talks about the stereotype for the ‘maybe’ men and how they’re portrayed in movies  
  • How did you get Keanu Reeves on board?  
  • Any advice for future filmmakers?  
  • Ali Wong and Randall Park play ‘Would You Rather’.

Image via Netflix

Here’s the official synopsis for Always Be My Maybe:   

Childhood friends Sasha and Marcus have a falling out and don’t speak for 15 years. But when Sasha, now a celebrity chef in Los Angeles, returns to her hometown of San Francisco to open a new restaurant, she runs into her old pal — a happily complacent musician still living at home and working for his dad. Though the two are reluctant to reconnect, they soon find the old sparks — and maybe some new ones — are there.

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