Exclusive ‘All Things Must Pass’ Clip Teases the Origin Story of Tower Records

     September 24, 2015


We here at Collider are happy to debut an exclusive clip from director Colin Hanks’ upcoming documentary All Things Must Pass. The film chronicles the rise and fall of Tower Records, an icon of the recording industry that met its untimely end in 2006 due to bankruptcy—just seven years after a $1 billion year in 1999. Hanks investigates what led to Tower Records’ downfall in the film, but he also delves into the history of the retail music chain within the context of the documentary, and it’s that aspect that’s highlighted in this new clip.

In the clip below, you’ll see Tower Records founder Russ Solomon recounting how the Tower Records building actually began as a drug store that his father owned. As he tells it, the roots of the location’s future in the music business were already being planted in the 1950s.

So watch the clip and be sure to check out All Things Must Pass when it opens in theaters on October 16th.

Here’s a synopsis for All Things Must Pass:

The rise and fall of Tower Records is a classic rock-in-roll story, a classic California story – and Colin’s filmmaking journey is an epic tale of its own.  Colin worked for 7 years, filming extensive interviews with Tower Records’ founder Russ Solomon, former long-time employees, and music royalty patrons and former employees (including Bruce Springsteen, Sir Elton John, and Dave Grohl).  He investigated the true causes of Tower Records’ demise.  He captured both the breath of Tower Records’ once-massive empire, and the quiet story of the emotional turmoil the company’s bankruptcy had on employees and patrons alike.


Image via Gravitas Ventures

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