Fox Searchlight May Let Marc Webb Direct THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel for Sony If He Directs Two Movies at Fox

     July 30, 2012


Sony wants Marc Webb to direct the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and Webb wants to come back to continue the story he started to tell in the first movie.  Yet last we heard, the studio feared that Webb may not be able to return due to “obstacles”.  The problem is Fox Searchlight, who has a claim on Webb—the director still owes the studio that made (500) Days of Summer at least one more film.  Fox gave Webb some time to direct The Amazing Spider-Man, but is understandably unwilling to give him another couple years to make the sequel.  Unfortunately for Webb, Sony needs to find a new director soon to make the announced May 2, 2014 release date for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  So if Webb can’t make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next, he can’t make it at all.  Hit the jump for a possible solution.

marc-webb-amazing spider man 2 sequel

The LA Times indicates that Fox would consider giving Webb time to make another Spider-Man movie if he committed to a two-picture deal with them.  Webb is hesitant to make such a long-term commitment.  But I am sure all the aspiring filmmakers out there envy a director who gets to make two giant superhero movies and then return to Fox Searchlight, a studio known for its creative fare.  The negotiations are still in progress, but we should know soon enough how this shakes out since Sony has that self-imposed ticking clock of the looming release date.

One candidate for Webb’s next Fox Searchlight project—whenever it may come about—is Age of Rage.  The script by Mark Heyman (Black Swan) is “set in a post-apocalyptic society where all the adults have died and a group of teens sets about trying to establish a new society.”  Idea: Sony and Fox join forces and make that the plot of the new Spider-Man.  Everybody wins!


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