‘Amazing Stories’: Patton Oswalt, Kumail Nanjiani & More Join Bryan Fuller’s Revival

     March 13, 2017


It’s been awhile since we had any news of the Amazing Stories revival helmed by Bryan Fuller. Fuller has admittedly been pretty busy, what with American Gods and (formerly) Star Trek: Discovery. But with Discovery (regrettably) off his plate, he seems to be turning his attention back to Amazing Stories. The original anthology series, created by Steven Spielberg, aired in the 1980s, and was a mix of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi — which means it’s right up Fuller’s alley.

The project was first announced in October of 2015, and in November of that year Fuller commented that Spielberg had final approval of what stories the new production was allowed to use. In an interview this week with Crave, Fuller (along with producer Michael Green) gave an update that,


Image via Amblin Entertainment

We are working on a variety of scripts from a variety of sources, and we’ve got a lot of really great writers involved. So it feels like I’m curating the Amazing Stories magazine and I get to work with Patton Oswalt and Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon and Jane Goldman

When asked to follow up on Oswalt’s involvement, Fuller added,

Yeah, so that’s very exciting because I get to collaborate with other writers and just let them do their thing under that umbrella, which is a relief. [Patton] is brilliant and I think the best way to collaborate with Patton Oswalt is to let him do his thing.

This tracks with what Fuller said of the project back in 2015 when looking for collaborators:

It’s almost like a nursery, a development nursery. We want people to come in and pitch. We want people to come in and tell us a story that they’re very excited about telling, and facilitate them telling it as well as I possibly can. One of the things that I’m most proud about, with working with the directors that I did on Hannibal, is that I basically provided the paradigm from which we make the show and then encouraged every director to make their best version of a pretentious art film.

It all sounds, well, pretty amazing. (Or as my colleague Adam Chitwood referred to it, “a Murderers’ Row of talent”). You can actually watch some of the original run of Amazing Stories over on NBC.com, and check out a vintage trailer below: