‘Hannibal’ Head Bryan Fuller Tackling NBC Remake of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’

     October 23, 2015


I must admit that I even took a harsh jostling to remember Steven Spielberg‘s Amazing Stories on NBC, the two-season long anthology series from the director of Bridge of Spies and a few other movies you’ve almost certainly heard of before. The series was more of an adventure-centric series than the more eerie impulses of the similar The Twilight Zone, but even the footage gleaned on YouTube has the glint of Spielberg’s imagination and youthful exuberance; it lasted from 1983-1985. Now, word from The Wrap is that NBC has just signed Bryan Fuller to helm a remake of the show, a strong follow-up to his current job developing Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods for Starz.

Check out this vintage trailer for Amazing Stories below:

Though the Hannibal wound remains raw, it’s not entirely surprising that Fuller ended up returning to the channel. If nothing else, he’s shown an ability to grow a slow-moving but fervent, even cultish fan-base. It’s as much true of Hannibal as it is of Pushing Daisies, his dark comedy with Lee Pace that was also cancelled despising having a rabid fanbase. Recently, Fuller has also hinted that his rumored extension of Hannibal to the big screen is still very much a project he’s interested in pursuing. His attachment to the Amazing Stories remake puts that more in the distance, one has to assume, but this is also prime material for Fuller. As a showcase for his wide-ranging view of the macabre and fantastical, it could prove hugely enticing and stylishly rich, and if he could wrangle some talented young directors, the series might provide a crucial showcase for visual artists drawn to fantasy and science fiction. It’s also apt that Fuller should take up one of Spielberg’s torch, as he is a similar visual pop artist with vast ambitions, though Fuller is a master of violent expression first and foremost whereas Spielberg remains quieter, visually if not narratively.


Image via Dreamworks