New Amazon Pilots, Ranked: ‘Oasis,’ ‘Budding Prospects,’ ‘Master Legend’ & More

     March 16, 2017


The springtime (well, close enough) means a new crop of Amazon pilots. Of this new class, three are half-hour series and two are hourlongs, but they share a few things in common. Foremost among them is that they are all very, very quirky, with a very strong indie film vibe. Amazon as an original content provider may have found its distinguishing tone as “indie insanity,” at least based off of these shows.

When it comes to producing original series though, Amazon has chosen a democratic process, allowing us to vote on the pilots. Those with the biggest and most positive responses end up getting made (though sometimes others do as well, if Amazon believes enough in the project and the creators), which is a really interesting and rather egalitarian approach. So with that in mind, here are my thoughts on this new batch of pilots (with a “Verdict” instead of a star review since it’s just one episode), which are ranked from worst to best. Then, you can then watch and vote on them yourselves starting March 17th.