‘Aquaman’ Eyes Amber Heard for the Queen of Atlantis

     January 13, 2016


James Wan’s Aquaman doesn’t hit theaters until 2018 and there’s a string of films we have to get to first before then. Nevertheless, casting is beginning to shape up around Jason Momoa’s ruler of Atlantis, and the first solid name to pop up is Amber Heard.

The Magic Mike XXL actress is currently in negotiations to star opposite Momoa as the female lead in Aquaman, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If these talks bear fruit, then Heard will take the role of Mera, Aquaman’s love interest and the future queen of Atlantis. In the comics, the character is the princess of an underwater kingdom, Xebel, who was trained since birth to kill the current king of Atlantis for her people. Becoming close with the hero and gaining his trust worked against her and she eventually fell in love. Her abilities include superhuman strength and durability, and the power to manipulate water.


Image via DC Comics

Much like how Momoa will make his first appearance in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Heard (again, assuming the talks go well) will make her first appearance in Justice League: Part One, which is said to be the film that will fully launch the DC cinematic universe by introducing various story lines.

The take on Aquaman and his story isn’t all that clear, though so far the DC films have been taking a very serious tone. Then again, all we really have to go on is Man of Steel and the trailers for Batman v Superman and David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, all of which are incredibly dark — no, seriously, it’s like someone hit the X-Pro II Instagram filter. Further more, Common and Karl Urban have been rumored for roles in Aquaman at various points, though perhaps we’re getting a little too ahead of ourselves. We first have to get through this year’s pair of DC films, then Wonder Woman, Justice League: Part One, and The Flash before we’ll see Aquaman in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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