AMC Theaters Reveals Its Answer to MoviePass with New Subscription Plan, AMC Stubs A-List

     June 20, 2018


MoviePass has been a controversial but innovative way to get people back to theaters by offering a movie per day all for the cost of $9.99/month subscription. However, there have been hiccups along the way like sudden blackouts on certain titles or theater chains refusing to accept the MoviePass service. Now AMC has finally wised up to people wanting a subscription model and offered their own service.

Variety reports that “the theater chain will begin offering guests the chance to see up to three movies per-week for the monthly fee of $19.95. The offering is being run through its loyalty program AMC Stubs,” and although that may seem like less of a good deal than MoviePass, which conceivably would let you see seven movies per week for the monthly fee of $9.99, AMC has the advantage of actually owning the venues and therefore being more sustainable. Additionally, the new subscription, dubbed AMC Stubs A-list, has all the advantages of the current AMC Stubs program such as upsizing concessions.

There are also advantages AMC Stubs A-List has over MoviePass in that customers “see movies in premium formats such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and RealD” whereas MoviePass limits customers to 2D only screenings. Additionally, while your three movies per week won’t carry over week-to-week, you can see them all in the same day. Also, you can see the same movie more than once, which MoviePass doesn’t allow you to do.

It will be up to consumers to decide which deal is best, but it’s good to have competition in this space, and I personally think that AMC Stubs A-List will be the more sustainable option despite carrying the bigger price tag.

Which subscription option do you find more appealing? Will you make the switch from MoviePass to Stubs A-List? Sound off in the comments section.

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