THE BLIND SIDE Director John Lee Hancock Graduates to College Football with AMC Series THE WRECK

     June 23, 2010


The surprise success of The Blind Side last year ($256 million domestic, y’all!) launched Bullock into a whole new stratosphere, but what about writer/director John Lee Hancock?  Surely he deserves some credit for the elevation of the subject material, anchored securely in the often clichéd inspirational sports genre (especially after he accomplished a similar feat in the 2002 baseball tale The Rookie).  Well AMC, notably fraught with credibility right now, noticed.  The cable network is looking to add the college football series The Wreck to its development slate, with Hancock as executive producer.  More after the jump:

mad_men_season_four_posterThe Live Feed says The Wreck, set in the world of Southern college football, “centers on the high-profile head coach of a once-legendary team that has just finished a losing season. The school gives the coach one last chance to turn the team into winners or he’s fired.”

If Friday Night Lights does indeed end after season five, I could easily be lured to back to the gridiron for another Southern fried series.  Plus, some capable FNL staff writers should be available by the time Wreck is hiring…

There’s always a catch, though.  The writers behind the project are Michael Fuller and Graham Gordy, the latter of whom co-wrote The Love Guru.  Neither has a lengthy resume yet, though, so let’s give him a chance to course-correct.

After three seasons, Breaking Bad and Mad Men have proven their excellence.  Conspiracy thriller Rubicon teased something intriguing with a sneak preview of the pilot in advance of the official August 1st premiere.  And the zombie series The Walking Dead from Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) has whet our appetites here at Collider.  As of this writing, AMC is like HBO circa 2005: if the network sees something in a project, I’m willing to hear them out.