‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Bringing Back Sarah Paulson’s ‘Asylum’ Character

     October 31, 2016


American Horror Story: Roanoke is throwing another twist into the mix: Somehow, some way, Season 6 will have an Asylum crossover by having Lana Winters appear in Season 6. Series creator Ryan Murphy made the announcement over Twitter on Halloween, and now we have to try to make sense of this.

Lana Winters is, of course, the Nellie Bly-type character played by Sarah Paulson in Season 2. She pretended to be a patient at the Briarcliff Manor as an undercover journalist reporting on the hostile conditions of the asylum in 1964. She ended up being that season’s final girl, even with her last-minute encounter with her fully grown son, and walked away to survive to old age in the present day.

But Paulson is also currently playing Audrey, the British actress in the Roanoke house. At the risk of getting into spoilery territory, last week’s episode was a bloody mess. However, Audrey came out of it alive — at least, for the moment — and if she somehow manages to keep surviving, does this mean she’ll have a doppelgänger encounter? Perhaps it’ll be a flashback of some sort, but much like the grander scheme of Season 6, it’s probably best to watch where the cards fall.

See Murphy’s tweet below:

Murphy teased that he wants American Horror Story to be like The Twilight Zone, and this season is getting progressively weirder by the minute. There were already connections made between Asylum and Freak Show, and we know there’s also going to be a connection between Freak Show and Roanoke: Murphy said, “We explain how the Motts began which is funny.” So, by the transitive property, it makes sense that Roanoke is now merging with Asylum.

Murphy also teased during a panel at EW PopFest this weekend that a future season (not the recently greenlit Season 7) will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven with characters from each season popping in. (See what I mean by “getting progressively more complicated”?)