AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Reveals Modern-Day Bloody Face Killer; Plus a Sneak Peek at the Next Episode, “Unholy Night”

     December 1, 2012


Fans of American Horror Story: Asylum have been wondering who is behind the mask of the modern-day Bloody Face serial killer. The show’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy, recently revealed the actor who will play him, but not the connection to the characters in the asylum. Not explicitly, anyway. We’ve kept the sizable spoiler until after the jump, but the actor did confirm Murphy’s statement via Twitter with an image to boot.

The horror anthology follows a group of patients and “caregivers” in an asylum in 1964. One of the inmates is suspected of being a serial killer of women, known as Bloody Face. Another killer in our contemporary time has donned the same mask and the same signature killing style. but who could it be? Hit the jump to find out, along with a sneak peek of the next episode. 

[You have entered spoiler territory.  Turn back now or commit yourself to the insanity.]

Before I get to the reveal, here’s a video sneak peek of the upcoming episode, just in case you landed here by accident:

How great is that? Ian McShane as a deranged Santa Claus? Sold!

Ready for the reveal? Murphy confirmed (via EW) that season one star Dylan McDermott will return to American Horror Story as the modern-day killer behind the Bloody Face mask:

“Yes. Dylan is modern-day Bloody Face. So the question is, Why is he the modern-day Bloody Face? What is he doing? And that’s revealed in episode 9.”

McDermott confirmed via Twitter with the following quote:



As the New “Bloody Face” I mean business! Bar your windows. I’M COMING!!!

Here’s a look at McDermott as Bloody Face (via EW):


Some fans, including myself, took McDermott to task over the reveal, but he responded that he only Tweeted about the character after Murphy had already let the secret out. Why they chose to do it is beyond me, especially if Bloody Face’s connections are going to be revealed after this week’s episode anyway. Collider’s commenters prove once again that they’re the smartest on the web, because a number of you thought that the voice on the phone call to the police was McDermott’s. You also nailed what I think is going to be the reason behind McDermott playing Bloody Face, which may or may not form quite the interesting connection to season one. It’s just a shame they didn’t wait for the show to reveal everything organically.

Be sure to tune in to FX this Wednesday at 10 for American Horror Story: Asylum, where Jenna Dewan-Tatum will most likely be under the knife of McDermott’s Bloody Face.