Danny Huston Says We May See Him in More Episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW

     December 14, 2014


Danny Huston made quite the impression on American Horror Story: Coven.  The Axeman had a brilliant blend of slasher and supernatural qualities and then Huston gave him this wonderful mix of charm and menace, making the character a blast to track.  It was a bit disappointing to hear that Huston would not be joining the ranks of the American Horror Story veterans by taking a key role in season 4, but we did get to see him briefly in episode 8 of Freak Show.

“Blood Bath” made it abundantly clear that Huston’s Massimo Dolcefino has a profound effect on Elsa’s (Jessica Lange) life, so I got the impression that he’ll be back and, sure enough, Huston himself told me, “You may see me in following episodes.”  Hit the jump for more.  (Warning: There are some minor American Horror Story: Freak Show spoilers in this article.)

american-horror-story-coven-the-dead-danny-hustonWhile promoting his upcoming release, Big Eyes, Huston took a moment to field a few questions regarding his involvement in American Horror Story: Freak Show.  In Big Eyes, Huston plays gossip columnist Dick Nolan and he also narrates some of the movie as that character as well.  Now, in Freak Show episode 8, we see Huston as the World War I prosthetics maker Massimo, but I suspect we also hear him as Dandy’s therapist as well.  After suggesting that there’s a voice work similarity between Big Eyes and Freak Show, Huston replied:

“Possibly, yeah.  Possibly, yeah.”

But then Huston switched gears and noted that there’s a backstory between his character and Elsa, which was already revealed in episode 8.  When I steered the conversation back to the therapist idea and flat-out asked if he voices that character, Huston said:

“Well, I can’t really answer that, but you may see me in following episodes.”

Clearly there’s no confirmation that Huston plays both parts, but I wouldn’t say he completely denies playing Dandy’s therapist either.  (You can get a better sense of the tone of his response in the clip below.)

What would it mean if he’s playing both roles?  I’d like to bet that the therapist is Massimo.  Who knows what happened after Massimo gave Elsa her new legs?  Perhaps he’s had an eye on her ever since – for better or worse.  But, of course, there’s always the possibility that Huston is just playing two completely different people this season.  It seems like a stretch, but this is American Horror Story we’re talking about.  You never know!

What do you think?  Was Huston the voice of the therapist?  Is there a connection between the therapist and Massimo?