Watch: ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Opening Credits Sequence Goes Biblical

     October 1, 2015


If there’s one thing American Horror Story has in spades, it’s style. FX has revealed the new American Horror Story: Hotel credits and they’re just as flashy, creepy and downright weird as ever, but this time they come with a hint of Christian guilt! The fifth season of Ryan Murphy‘s twisted horror anthology series stars Lady Gaga as a vampiric hotel owner, romantically entangled with a number of guest and employees, who runs her establishment as a refuge for junkies, murderers, and all kinds of sinners.

Once again the AHS credits eschew recognizable faces in favor of a series of eerie and unsettling images themed to the new season’s genre (and these credits bring back the mechanical sounding themesong, which took on a music-box lilt for Freak Show). But the ten commandments are definitely new — I don’t recall there ever being text before aside from the cast names. Themes of god and the devil are usually prevalent in vampire lore and fiction, so it makes sense, especially if Gaga’s hotel is some sort of unholy den of iniquity.

As someone who spends more than your average bear’s worth of days in a hotel per year, this is actually some creepy shit. They’re kind of overdoing the “person sewn in the bed” motif at this point in the ad campaign, but you do always wonder who slept in the bed last, what devious deeds went down before you checked in, and just exactly, how gross is that mattress you’re sleeping on? I reckon a body being sewn in there is the worst possible answer to all those questions.

American Horror Story Season 5 stars Lady Gaga, Kathy BatesSarah PaulsonMatt BomerAngela BassettFinn WittrockWes Bentley, Chloe SevignyCheyenne Jackson and Denis O’Hare. Evan Peters, Darren Criss, Max Greenfield and Mare Winningham are also slated to appear. Hotel debuts October 7th on FX.