‘American Horror Story’ Promo Reveals How ‘Roanoke’ and ‘Asylum’ Are Connected

     November 10, 2016


If you thought American Horror Story was done with all its plot twists and shared universe mentality, think again. Fans of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series were left scratching their heads when they heard Lana Winters, the intrepid journalist from the Asylum season, would be crossing over into Roanoke, but a new promo for the Season 6 finale reveals how she’ll be incorporated.

Here’s your one and only spoiler warning from last night’s episode.

Lana was portrayed by Sarah Paulson in Asylum, and this will now be the actress’ third character in Roanoke alone: she also played Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe’s character) in the My Roanoke Nightmare reenactment and the actress Audrey in Return to Roanoke. With Lee Harris (Adina Porter) the last survivor of the Roanoke house, Paulson will return as Lana to interview Lee for a Diane Sawyer-esque interview for The Lana Winters Special.

As the promo shows, Lee was blamed for the murders in the house and taken to court — perhaps a nod to one of Murphy’s other series, The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. With Audrey dead, that leaves room for Paulson to come back as her other character, though it’s still odd to see Lee interacting with Lana and not addressing how much she looks like the dead actress.

Watch the promo below.

This show just keeps getting weirder and weirder, and it looks like that’s not gonna end anytime soon. Murphy said he wants make American Horror Story this generation’s Twilight Zone, and promised a crossover season between Murder House (season 1) and Coven (season 3) with characters from both popping in and out. Paulson played a witchy medium character in Murder House and the next Supreme in Coven, so which might she reprise for that?

Find out how Roanoke ends next week on Wednesday, November 16th, at 10 p.m.

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