‘American Horror Story: New Season 6 Promo Teases The Big Theme Reveal

     September 9, 2016


All of your American Horror Story Season 6 questions are about to be answered. Well, at least the big one is — what the hell is the damn theme already? Usually by this time of year, AHS fans are breaking down the trailers for clues about the upcoming season by digging into the theme, looking for context cues, and generally speculating at full force. This year, that speculation has been thrust into maximum overdrive since Ryan Murphy and the folks at FX opted for the distinctly clever, if somewhat vexing, marketing strategy to keep the theme a secret.

Spooky Children! Demon Babies! Weird Mist Monsters! Evil Dentistry! Swamp Thing! The Season 6 teasers so far have delved into a number of horror genres, and as FX head John Landgraf revealed at the TCA’s, “a lot of them are accurate. The others are all misdirects.” How misdirected have we been? Well, we’re about to find out. A new teaser dropped on the official American Horror Story twitter, promising an answer to the long-brewing questions when AHS premieres next week.

You can watch the new teaser below, which offers a look back at all the teasers so far. The fact that it has Lady Gaga (who returns this season after her Hotel debut) crooning “It was a perfect illusion” in the background is a little smug to me, but I can’t deny I’m curious as ever to know what in tarnation is going on this season.

American Horror Story returns on FX on September 14th and also stars Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, and Leslie Jordan.

The wait for answers is almost over, but for now, you can speculate wildly with Nick’s rundown of the most popular American Horror Story Season 6 theories. What do you guys think? Are we getting some cult action? Heading into The Mist? Sound off with your theories in the comments.


Image via FX

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