Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge Talk AMERICAN REUNION, Improvisation, Deleted Scenes, and More

     April 3, 2012


American Reunion, the nostalgia dripping thirteen-plus year sequel to American Pie (nine years since American Wedding, three since the DTV American Pie: Book of Love), leans heavily not only on the past iterations/bonds/adventures of its many characters but more-so on the audience’s own relationship to the original film.  Numerous references to American Pie abound: hey remember the time when Jim failed to seal the deal with Nadia over a webcam or Milf #2 or ‘That Time at Band Camp’?… – because American Reunion sure does and it pulls at every heartstring to make sure you do too.  In the sequel – Jim and Michelle’s marriage has hit a sexual lull, Stifler is now stuck working a dead end job, Oz is a C-level celebrity, Finch has disappeared without a trace and Kevin is just beginning to settle into boring normal adulthood.  Of course their high-school reunion tests these status quos – upending some, reaffirming others…

At the recent press day in conjunction with our partners Omelete, I was able to speak with the entirety of the American Reunion cast.  Today’s interview: Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge (Jim’s Dad & Stifler’s Mom).  In the interview, the duo discuss how the film was pitched to them, improvisation and deleted scenes.  Hit the jump to watch.

Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge

  • It’s taken 4 movies to get Stifler’s mom and Jim’s dad together. How was that pitched to them and what was their reaction
  • They’ve worked together a few times on Christopher Guest films. Does that help the relationship with these characters
  • What’s the balance between improvising and script in this film


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