New AMERICAN ULTRA Trailer Smokes the Competition

     July 20, 2015


Nima Nourizadeh’s stoner action/comedy American Ultra is due to open in theaters in about a month and this new trailer serves to remind you of that fact. It looks like you don’t necessarily have to be high in order to enjoy the jokes on display in this R-rated take inspired by the CIA’s mind-control program Project MKUltra, but it couldn’t hurt. Max Landis’ script sees pothead and bodega clerk Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg) activated by the government agency that trained him, but soon becomes targeted for extermination when it becomes clear that his mind-altering hobbies have conflicted with his mind-controlled programming. 

This new trailer is essentially a cleaned-up version of the red-band trailer that was released a few weeks ago, but there are a couple of new jokes to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Pineapple Express, then this one looks to be right up your alley. Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace, Connie Britton, John Leguizamo, Bill Pullman, Tony Hale and Walton Goggins also star. American Ultra opens August 21st.

Watch the new American Ultra trailer below:

Here’s the official logline for American Ultra:

A stoner and his girlfriend’s sleepy, small-town existence is disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operation set to wipe him out.

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