‘American Vandal’ Season 2 Trailer Asks “Who Is the Turd Burglar?”

     August 21, 2018


Oh, happy day, a new season of American Vandal is upon us, and Netflix just released a new trailer revealing the latest high school mystery. While season one of the mockumentary series strived to discover “who drew the dicks?“, season two digs deep into a horrifying Chicken Chicken Finger Monday that turned into the ass-massacring Brown Out and the enigmatic online poo-troll known only as the Turd Burglar.

This show is art.

Besides Tyler Alvarez and Griffin Gluck—who return as intrepid reporters Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund—season two features an all-new cast, including Taylor Dearden (Sweet/Vicious), Melvin Gregg (unReal), and DeRon Horton (Dear White People).

“What if the motive is just ‘poop is funny?'” Peter asks Sam in the trailer, which is also I believe how this show was pitched to Netflix. In fairness, poop is funny, and that premise is in great hands with co-creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, along with showrunner Dan Lagana. In season one, this creative team took a ten-episode long dick-joke and stretched it into a masterpiece that somehow skewered the ultra-serious true crime doc and also took a sobering, relatable look at what it’s like to live through high school. Plus, there was that 3D rendering of a lakeside handjob. This show has layers, is what I’m saying, and season two cannot premiere soon enough.

Check out the trailer below. The second season of American Vandal debuts on Netflix Friday, September 14.

Here is the official synopsis for American Vandal season 2:

Milk, milk, lemonade…around the corner, justice is made.


Filmmakers Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund point their investigative lens at St. Bernadine, a private high school recently terrorized by a vandal known only as The Turd Burglar. Kevin McClain, a junior, has been expelled and awaits trial for the crimes. But is justice being served? Is the system rigged against the disenfranchised? And who is The Turd Burglar?