Noomi Rapace May Play Amy Winehouse in Biopic

     November 5, 2015


A movie about accomplished yet troubled singer/artist Amy Winehouse is in the works, and a curious actress may bring Winehouse’s story to life on the big screen: Noomi Rapace. Screen Daily reports that the Prometheus and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress is in talks to lead a biopic that will be written and directed by August Rush helmer Kirsten Sheridan. Subotica Films and City Entertainment are producing the film, and the all-important music rights are currently in negotiations.

The film will be battling another biopic of the singer that’s in the works from her father, though one imagines Sheridan’s film will be significantly more nuanced. Winehouse was a spectacularly talented artist with an old soul, but fame and addiction ultimately led to her unfortunate demise as she died at the age of 27 in 2011.


Image via Focus Features

I’ll be honest: I had little interest in Amy Winehouse beyond her music before seeing Asif Kapadia’s incredible documentary Amy, which was released this year and hit me like a truck full of emotions. Seeing Winehouse’s story told through her eyes gives the viewer a much more empathetic take on her life, although a complex mix of frustration and anger arises as well. If Sheridan’s film can similarly capture the tragedy of Winehouse’s life, which began so simply with a candid British girl who had an amazing voice, it could be something special. Moreover, Rapace is a talented actress so one imagine she’s a fine choice to take on the difficult role—though here’s hoping the film lands those music rights, or else the biopic will feel incomplete.

As these kinds of casting stories go this is all very tenuous at the moment, so don’t mark your calendars for this specific film just yet. But this is definitely a project to keep in mind as things move forward.


Image via Altitude Film Distribution

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