Jedi Council: Will Anakin Return as a Force Ghost in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’?

     April 5, 2018

On today’s Jedi Council, Kristian Harloff, Mark Reilly, and Jenna Busch discuss the following:

  • Speaking at SXSW recently, Rian Johnson said that “great new movies that are exciting and fresh” is the way for Star Wars franchise to survive.
  • Ron Howard reveals on his social media that Solo: A Star Wars Story is locked and revealed that a new trailer for the film is on the way.
  • Denny’s released their “Hand of Sabacc” commercial as part of their partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • John Boyega speaking at AwesomeCon revealed that Daisy Ridley texted him to let him know that J.J. Abrams told her that Finn and Rey will be back together for Star Wars: Episode IX. Boyega thinks the film will be “all out war”.
  • Therm Scissorpunch was introduced as a character from Solo: A Star Wars Story during the new Denny’s “Hand of Sabacc” commercial. Is this the worst name for a Star Wars character ever?
  • Disney Parks Blog reveals that elements from Solo: A Star Wars Story will be incorporated into their Star Wars: Galactic Nights event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.
  • Star Wars Adventure #8 and Star Wars 46: Mutiny at Mon Cala, part III
  • Twitter and Jedi Council Facebook Group questions

Image via Lucasfilm

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