Analeigh Tipton Talks WARM BODIES, TWO NIGHT STAND, Transitioning from Modeling to Acting, and More

     January 29, 2013


The “best friend” in romantic comedies can be the most unrewarding role.  Usually doting on the needs of the lead, the “best friend’s” wants and desires go unfulfilled (or just plain ignored).  She is a plot device given to voice the opinions of those around her.  In Warm Bodies, Analeigh Tipton (Crazy Stupid Love) pokes gentle fun at this stereotype – becoming increasingly indignant that her best friend (and STAR of the picture) Julie gets all the guys (even the undead ones), whilst she –Nora– remains forever alone.  Tipton injects the smaller-than-it-should-be role with just the right amount of verve and sarcastic edge.  Hopefully someday soon, Tipton will find herself the lead, accomplishing all her wants and desires to the encouraging but unfulfilled grin of her own ‘bestie’.

In the following interview with Tipton, she discusses playing the “best friend” role, what types of roles she looks for and her upcoming ‘lead’ film Two Night Stand.  For the full interview, hit the jump.

For more on Warm Bodies, here are three clips and thirteen minutes of behind-the-scenes-footage.  In addition, here are our video interviews with Teresa Palmer, Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco and Rob Corddry.

Analeigh Tipton:

  • Usually the best friend just serves the main character but she plays someone with her own personality and quirks.  Did that draw her to the character and what was it like figuring her out.
  • What kind of roles does she look for
  • Who does she play in Two Night Stand and what is it about
  • What was the transition like from being a model to actress
  • Has she thought about making her own films


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