Andy Garcia – Exclusive Video Interview – THE AIR I BREATHE

     January 15, 2008

Opening on January 25th in NY/LA and expanding on February 8th is “The Air I Breathe,” the new Jieho Lee movie. The film is actually four short fables in which characters collide with fate – and each other. According to Lee, the film was inspired by a Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four key emotions – Happiness, Sorrow, Pleasure, and Love – and each vignette is built around a character that embodies one of these key emotions. Here’s the synopsis:

A businessman (Forest Whitaker) bets his life on a horse race, a gangster (Brendan Fraser) sees the future, a pop star (Sarah Michelle Gellar) falls prey to a crime boss (Andy Garcia) and a doctor (Kevin Bacon) must save the love of his life. Based on a Chinese proverb, these four overlapping stories dramatize the four emotional cornerstones of life: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. The film stars Kevin Bacon, Forest Whittaker, Andy Garcia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brendan Fraser, Julie Delpy and Emile Hirsch.

So to help promote the movie, ThinkFilm held a press day here in Los Angeles and I was able to interview Andy Garcia about his work in the movie. During our 4 or so minutes, we covered not only this film but what he has coming up next. I also asked him what was the status of the long rumored “Last Testament of Lucky Luciano” movie.

And if you missed the interview I already posted with Brendan Fraser earlier today, you can watch it by clicking here. He told me how his new movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D” used the James Cameron designed “Avatar” cameras.

As usual, I posted the questions that I asked above the video. Hope you like the interview.

Andy Garcia

  • I ask if the name Fingers was one of the reasons he took the part.

  • When did he come to the project – was he one of the first?

  • I ask how he comes to the material he picks to do.

  • We talk a bit on Pink Panther 2 – a genre he doesn’t normally get to do.

  • Will he direct any movies in the future – he recently directed Lost City

  • I ask what’s the status of The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, a project he’s been linked to.

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