Andy Samberg Exclusive Video Interview – SPACE CHIMPS

     July 15, 2008

Opening this Friday is “Space Chimps” and it’sthe new CGI animated movie from Vanguard Animation and 20th Century Fox. Here’s the synopsis:

When a $5 billion Space Agency probe disappears into an intergalactic wormhole, the agency recruits Ham III, grandson of the first chimpanzee in space, to help retrieve the wayward craft. But Ham is a free-spirited circus performer more interested in zero gravity high jinks than living up to his illustrious heritage. The simian slacker becomes a reluctant hero and learns the true meaning of courage as he and his crewmates, the plucky Lieutenant Luna and their by-the-book commander, Titan, risk everything in an effort to save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from an evil dictator. The movie features the voices of Andy Samberg, Cheryl Hines, Patrick Warburton, Kristin Chenoweth, Stanley Tucci and Kenan Thompson.

Anyway, I recently got to interview Andy Samberg and it’s below. During my time I asked him how he got the gig, we of course talked about SNL and we even reminisced about the “Hot Rod” junket. But the highlight of the interview came at the end…that’s when I asked him about singing Dick in a Box at Madison Square Garden with Justin Timberlake. Since none of us are ever going to sing with Justin at MSG, it was cool to hear what it was like.

Finally, if you want to watch some movie clips from “Space Chimps,” click here. Again, “Space Chimps” opens this Friday.

Andy Samberg

  • The interview starts with us talking about the Hot Rod press junket and I ask if the movie is bigger now that it’s on DVD
  • When did he get offered the part in Space Chimps – was it after Lazy Sunday and Dick in a Box
  • Did he record with other people or was he on his own
  • The SNL question…I ask him what skits or people he loves to watch on the show
  • I ask him about performing Dick in a Box with Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden

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