ANGELS AND DEMONS was Filming Today at UCLA in Los Angeles

     July 10, 2008

Steve here. As most of you know, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are currently filming “Angels and Demons,” which is the prequel to “The Da Vinci Code.” Anyway, Collider writer Charlie Mihelich happened to be passing the set tonight and he took a few photos and wrote about what he saw. So without any more words from me…

Hey Steve,

Was at UCLA today and stumbled upon the set for Ron Howard’s “Angels and Demons”, the prequel to “The Da Vinci Code”. Got to see them shoot about 15 seconds of footage from pretty far off. Nothing too exciting, just a scene of Tom Hanks and another person walking down a corridor talking. Apparently they are using Royce Hall as a stand in for the Cathedral at the Vatican, since all the controversy from the first film led the REAL Vatican to ban the production from filming there. Here are some pictures I took, including some slick Alfa Romero’s with Euro plates, mock stain glass windows that have been added to Royce for effect, a picture of the front of the building (complete with green screens and all the fixins for a big budget film), a picture of Tom Hank’s trailer (he was inside at the time), and a picture of Tom Hanks as he rode away from the set on his bicycle. He said hi to me and a small group of onlookers as he rode off. Really nice guy. No pictures of Ron Howard or Ewan McGregor, unfortunately, though I distinctly heard Howard’s voice yelling “Action!” and “Cut!”. Pretty nice surprise on a boring Wednesday.


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