Newcastle Brown Ale Unable to Afford Super Bowl Ads and Decides to Mock Them Instead

     February 2, 2014


Super Bowl ad time this year cost $4.5 million, and looking at this year’s batch of ads, not all of them were worth that price tag.  It’s a prohibitively high cost to where the usual suspects—Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, Doritos, Bud Light—can get in, but a smaller company like Newcastle Brown Ale doesn’t have the budget.  Instead of shrugging their shoulders and walking away, the company went viral with by making their ads about not being able to get into the Super Bowl.  The result was more entertaining than almost every other ad that ran this evening.

Hit the jump to watch Anna Kendrick talk about Newcastle not having any money to make the ad, and then a storyboard lampooning the nature of Super Bowl ads in general.