Exclusive ‘Another WolfCop’ Trailer Teases a B-Movie Monster Mash

     May 31, 2018


If you’re a fan of B-movies and monster mayhem, get ready for Another WolfCop, the schlocktastic, gore-filled sequel to Lowell Dean‘s 2014 comedy-horror WolfCop. This time, we catch up with Leo Fafard‘s alcoholic, lycanthropic officer Lou Garou (gotta respect the commitment with that name) as he investigates the dealings of a charming but nefarious businessman (Yannick Bisson), who rolls into Woodhaven with designs for a new brewery/hockey arena, and some more sinister secret designs too.

After the dick-first werewolf transformation in Wolfcop (it’s an experience, y’all), I’m teed up to see whatever insanity Dean wants to deliver with his absolutely unnecessary but no doubt lovingly made sequel. Look, you know if this movie’s for you. It’s a micro-budget movie about a cop who’s also a wolf. He’s a WolfCop. And his name is Lou Garou. What else do you want from a B-movie werewolf pic? Good creature effects? Well, good news. It’s got those too.

Another WolfCop also stars Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Serena Miller, Kevin Smith and arrives on Blu-ray, VOD, and Digital HD on July 3. Check out our exclusive trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Another Wolfcop:

“A year has passed since the dark eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) into the infamous lycanthrope crime-fighter. Although the evil that controlled Woodhaven was defeated, the community is far from returning to normal. A villainous entrepreneur (Yannick Bisson) is looking to open a new brewery and revive the local hockey team, but it’s clear he has ulterior motives. With a new mayor (Kevin Smith) and the new chief of police (Amy Matysio), WolfCop has his work cut out for him when he has to save the town all over again.”

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