ANT-MAN: Evangeline Lilly Announces Marvel’s Micro-Tech Challenge

     May 29, 2015


I don’t know how many female readers between the ages of 14 and 18 we have out there, but if you know anyone who fits that description and has a thing for technology, Marvel’s got a pretty cool opportunity well worth checking out.

Marvel, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, Visa Signature and Raspberry Pi are all sponsoring a nationwide competition called “Marvel’s Ant-Man Micro-Tech Challenge.” Taking a cue from “Ultimate Mentor Adventure” and “Guardians of the Galaxy: Guardians of Good,” the Ant-Man challenge is on the hunt for young creators who can make a difference and this time around  it needs to be by using micro-technology. Check out Evangeline Lilly‘s announcement video below for all the details:

This is definitely a unique opportunity and something I would have jumped at as a kid. If you know someone who might be interested in participating and possibly winning a trip to the Ant-Man premiere, send them over to or share the official details from the Marvel website below. The challenge is currently underway and wraps up on June 11th. Ant-Man hits theaters nationwide on July 17th.

The challenge invites girls nationwide, ages 14 – 18, in grades 9-12, to design and build a DIY project using at least one readily available micro-technology component, which can enable tinkerers, makers, builders and future Imagineers to execute big ideas with a board that fits in their pocket and costs less than a video game. The projects can be utilitarian, artistic or just plain fun.


After completing a project, applicants will be asked to submit a short video demonstrating the project and explaining how it will inspire other girls to pursue interests in science, technology, engineering, or math.


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