February 7, 2015


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water features all of the SpongeBob favorites like Squidward (Rodger Bumpess), Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) and SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) himself, but this time around, there’s a new character in the mix, a live-action one, Antonio Banderas’ Burger Beard. When Burger Beard gets his hands on a magical book, it throws Bikini Bottom all out of whack so SpongeBob and co. have to come out of the sea to deal with him themselves.

Burger Beard’s as zany as they come and the main reason the character works is because Banderas is so committed to him. While promoting Sponge Out of Water’s big debut, I got the opportunity to talk to Banderas about having a blast playing the character, acting opposite tennis balls with wigs and faces drawn on them, his experience working on Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups and more. Check it all out in the video interview below.

Antonio Banderas:

  • Banderas should make a live-action animated villain team-up movie with Hank Azaria, right?
  • Collaborating with director Paul Tibbitt and live-action director Mike Mitchell.
  • Using tennis balls with faces drawn on them as visual cues while filming.
  • On having a blast while making this movie.
  • Finding out he’s in the trailer for Knight of Cups.
  • The process of making that movie.
  • Did he read his monologue for Knight of Cups as himself or as a character?


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