Antonio Banderas talks SHREK FOREVER AFTER and PUSS IN BOOTS Movies

     September 2, 2009


About an hour ago I attended the press day for “The Other Man” and got to participate in a roundtable interview with Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney. Next week I’ll have a full transcript, but since Antonio talked a bit about the 4th “Shrek” movie “Shrek Forever After” and “Puss in Boots”, I wanted to get those quotes up now.

The quick info is “Shrek Forever After” is nearing completion as they’re watching a rough cut today at DreamWorks. Also, he says he’s probably going to start recording “Puss in Boots” in February. But the big info is Antonio revealed all the characters are going to go through some big physical changes in “Shrek Forever After”. Read exactly what he said after the jump:

puss_in_boots_big_eyes_antonio_banderas_shrek_01.jpgWhat can you tell people about the 4th “Shrek” movie and “Puss in Boots”?

Antonio Banderas: It’s almost ready. Jeffrey actually called me yesterday and said that they were going to watch it this morning. Then “Puss in Boots” story is done. They finally allowed me to read the script and it’s fantastic. Selma Hayek is going to be attached to it too.

Do you know when you’re doing that one?

Antonio: I suppose we are going to start recording probably February. It may happen the same way the first Shrek happened – that I am in the theater and then I have to go record and do strange noises in the morning. But it’s totally ready.

How would you compare the 4th Shrek to the first three?

Antonio: It’s totally different. I cannot reveal to you…something happens at the beginning of the story that changes the identity of all the characters. So it’s almost like a new movie. The characters are different…physically….you’ll see!

“Shrek Forever After” is schedule for release May 21st, 2010. Expect plenty of updates as we move closer to release.


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