Apple May Offer TV as a Subscription Service for $30 a Month

     November 2, 2009


Whether you’re a god-like Mac-user of a filthy leper with a PC (I’m the latter; damn one of my lips just fell off), Apple may soon be offering you the opportunity to watch TV via its iTunes service for only $30/month.  Therefore, while you wouldn’t own any of the TV programs you watch, you would have the ability to watch all the TV programs you want…provided that TV networks decide to once again join forces with the brushed-aluminum side.  Hit the jump to see if you’ll be changing the channel to Apple (hopefully without their snide, condescending ads).

According to All Things Digital [via Engadget], Apple is in the process of pitching their $30/month TV idea to the TV networks.  The service would be tied to iTunes and so folks wouldn’t need to buy the AppleTV box (which is good because no one buys it now anyway) or any other Apple device, although it would be good to know if users of the service can transfer the programs to their iPods and iPhones.

Apple wants to launch the service early next year but so far not a single programmer has come on board.  While many networks have allowed Apple to sell their individual programs via iTunes, a subscription service is a bit different.  The service would be similar to what Netflix does now with television shows.  It would also be interesting to see if Apple has the pull to make shows available for rental soon after they air (like Hulu does but without ad-support).  ATD notes that Disney would probably jump on board first as they did back in 2005 when Apple first started offering TV.

I predict that just as they did with the a-la-carte service iTunes offers now, networks will slowly but surely join this subscription service because the Apple brand is just too powerful and if you don’t use it then you’re not cool.*

*I don’t think Apple makes bad products.  I just hate the attitude they attach to them which is “You’re so cool for owning a piece of technology so simple that we use the same music in our ‘I’m a Mac’ ads that’s used when teaching children how to read.”