You Can Now Watch Collider Video on Apple TV and Roku!

     August 4, 2016


We here at Collider have some exciting news, dear readers. As of today, August 4th, Collider has an app available to download and use on all Apple TV and Roku devices. Yes indeed, now you can peruse through our litany of original shows and video content on your home television via Apple TV and Roku.

On the app you’ll find a bounty of original Collider content, including our cornerstone shows like Collider Movie Talk, TV Talk, the superhero-centric Collider Heroes, the Star Wars-centric Collider Jedi Council, Best of the Week which runs down the best moments from all of our content each week, Mailbag, and The Top 10 Show. You’ll also find new shows like Collider Nightmares and Collider News, as well as spoiler reviews and trailer reactions for everything from Suicide Squad to Stranger Things. And you never know what we’ll be adding next.

In order to find our app on Apple TV, you’ll need to go to the App Store and search it by name: “Collider Video”. On Roku, you can search in the channel store by name (again, Collider Video) or add it to your account via the browser at this link right here.

So if you’ve got Apple TV or Roku, fire it up and give the Collider app a spin. You can also find us on YouTube at ColliderVideos.


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