New ‘Aquaman’ Image Saddles Up the Seadragons and Sharks for Undersea Battle

     June 15, 2018


These frickin’ sharks may not have frickin’ lasers on their heads, but they are saddled up for undersea battle in a new image from James Wan‘s Aquaman. Now I’m sure that this lo-res, watermarked image isn’t exactly the way that Wan wanted to reveal this particular scene to legions of Warner Bros. and DC Comics fans out there, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. We’ll break down what you’re seeing here in detail below.

Jason Momoa returns in the title role alongside King Orm (Patrick Wilson), Aquaman’s mentor Vulko (Willem Dafoe), Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), Meera (Amber Heard), and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Look for Aquaman to make a big splash in theaters on December 21st.

Courtesy of EW, take a look at the full image below:


Image via Warner Bros.

And for a little more clarity, here’s the related concept art the scene was based on:


Image via Warner Bros.

And here’s the breakdown of just what’s going on in the images above. As you can see in the concept art, it’s labeled “Ruins – Meeting Place.” According to EW, this ancient meeting place on the outskirts of Atlantis known as The Council of the Kings has fallen on hard times. The seven statues represent the Seven Kingdoms, and their ancient kings, that resulted from the sinking of Atlantis.

At odds in this image is the Atlantean army riding great white sharks, who will appear in mind-blowing photo-realism according to producer Peter Safran, and the seadragon-riding soldiers of King Nereus and the kingdom of Xebel. (Wan’s creature creation here is a subversive nod to the DC Comics Aquaman riding a seahorse.) And while you might be wondering just what an alligator is doing in this picture, it’s actually meant to be a version of the prehistoric Tylosaurus. It’s being ridden by Orm, in imposing fashion. And that creature in the background behind him is Vulko astride a massive black hammerhead shark. I, for one, can’t wait to see this scene in action.


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