AQUAMAN: James Wan Eyed to Direct DC Comics Adaptation

     April 10, 2015


Fresh off the record-breaking success of Furious 7, THR is reporting that director James Wan is being eyed to direct Warner Bros.’ Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa. Per usual, “being eyed” doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily take the gig, but it is quite the opportunity and Wan has expressed interest in having a hand in the DC Cinematic Universe, so it’s hard to imagine him passing if the situation does move from preliminary talks to an official offer.

However, there is a chance it won’t even come down to what he wants. When Wan joined the Fast and Furious franchise, he signed on to do two films. After all the scheduling changes due to Paul Walker‘s passing, Universal gave him the OK to go make The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, but after he’s done with that, they still could exercise the option and bring him back for Furious 8. But, then again, Universal could also want to get to work on the next installment fast (no pun intended), and choose someone else instead.


Image via Universal Pictures

At this point, it’s pretty clear that any project would be lucky to have Wan. He jumpstarted his career with the beloved low-budget horror movie Saw and then went on to deliver high quality follow-ups including Insidious and The Conjuring. By the time The Conjuring scored rave reviews and snagged $41.9 million opening weekend, it was pretty clear he was going to continue to hit it big as a horror filmmaker. But then Furious 7 came up.

Wan was working with a much bigger budget than usual while making The Conjuring, but it was still nothing compared to a Fast and Furious-sized price tag. Plus, jump scares and car chases are two completely different forms of action and suspense. But, despite the big changes, Wan made the transition exceptionally well proving he’s worthy of the largest, most high-profile projects the industry has to offer – projects like an upcoming DC superhero movie.

Aquaman isn’t due in theaters until July 27, 2018, but it’s a big film. It’d be a smart move for Warner Bros. to lock someone in fast, especially if Wan is their top choice. After the monumental success of Furious 7, there’s no doubt someone will try to snatch him right up after he finishes the Conjuring sequel.


Image via Warner Bros.

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