Heroes: ‘Aquaman’ Screening Gets Positive Reactions; Joss Whedon Leaves ‘Batgirl’

     February 26, 2018

On this episode of Collider Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Coy Jandreau, Erika Ishii, and Markeia McCarty discuss the following:

  • The panel offers their thoughts on the reports of positive reactions coming out of the early Aquaman screening.
  • Joss Whedon issued a statement to THR confirming his departure as the writer/director of Batgirl. Roxane Gay, Hope Larson and Gail Simone take to Twitter to offer to write the script for Warner Bros.
  • Sam Rockwell tells Hollywood Reporter that he would “love” to reprise his role as Justin Hammer in the MCU.
  • Syfy reveals a new Krypton trailer focused on Brainiac.
  • A deleted scene for the digital release of Thor: Ragnarok features Michael Rooker’s Yondu showing up on Asgard.
  • Chris McKay takes to Twitter to reconfirm his commitment to Nightwing claiming that “WB are going to have to fire me if they want me to leave Nightwing…”
  • The panel discusses Black Panther‘s second weekend box officer numbers.
  • Revengeofthefans.com are reporting that Henry Cavill wants to re-up his contract with Warner Bros and he wants Man of Steel 2 to be the first film in his new deal.
  • That Hashtag Show reported that Sony’s Silver & Black is being delayed indefinitely. Director Gina Prince-Bythewood took to Twitter to say that she is “still working on the script.”
  • Comicbook.com is reporting that Jake Michaels has been cast as Cliff Steele aka Robotman in Titans!
  • Zack Snyder takes to Vero to like a post that insinuates Joss Whedon leaving Batgirl was a good thing.
  • In an interview with THR’s Heat Vision, Ludwig Göransson reveals that he scored a 4 hour directors cut of Black Panther.
  • Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein told THR that they still haven’t finalized their deal to direct Flashpoint for Warner Bros.
  • According to smcinema.com, Avengers: Infinity War will have a run time of 2 hours and 30 minutes which would make it the largest film yet.
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Image via Marvel Studios

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