‘Archer: Dreamland’: Get in on the Action and Help Crack the Case with the ‘Archer, P.I.’ App

     April 3, 2017


Archer is going to some fun places this season. First of all, it’s headed to FXX, which is like FX’s younger but equally attractive sibling. Second, Archer: Dreamland will bring the series’ sleuths to late 1940s Los Angeles–explained by the cliffhanger reveal at the end of Season 7–and are fully embracing the noir aesthetic of the time. Finally, Archer and The Figgis Agency are opening the doors to you, the viewer, so that you can finally live out your lifelong dream of being a Private Dick.

Thanks to the new augmented reality app “Archer, P.I.”, not only can you help Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and his often bewildered associates crack cases by discovering clues both on the screen and in the real world, you’ll also have the chance to win prizes through sweepstakes entries, all while sitting at home and safely out of the … danger zone.


Image via FXX

Also starring Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, Lucky Yates, and Jessica WalterArcher: Dreamland premieres on FXX Wednesday, April 5th at 10pm.

Here are the details on the “Archer, P.I.” app, which you can download here:

Open the app and find items and case clues to help you get started! During all new episodes or Archer: Dreamland, use your device’s phone to point at designated targets on the screen, and watch them come to life with new clues that will help you solve the case. You can find additional clues that are hiding in real life will help you solve the case. Places like Archer Billboards, TV commercials, the Archer Facebook page, and FXNetworks.com. Archer will give you helpful hints along the way.

Oh and as a little bonus, Archer himself explains how to use the “Archer, P.I.” app in your daily, mundane life and/or during the one half-hour of excitement you get each week while watching Archer: Dreamland: