Arianna Huffington’s Tweets Lead to Speculation about Wachowski Siblings’ Next Project

     December 7, 2009


Using the magic of Twitter, Arianna Huffington, found of the liberal news blog The Huffington Post, may have leaked the news of the next movie from the Wachowski Siblings (I would say “Brothers” but Huffington tweeted the first image of Lana, formerly Larry, Wachowski).  Peter at /Film broke the story of Huffington tweeting photos from the set of what she believed to be the Wachowskis look back on the Iraq War from 90 years in the future.  The photos show Huffington in front of a green screen wearing a funky hairdo.  However, Devin over at CHUD reports that Huffington was just shooting test footage-most likely for the cameras which are RED.  But camera tests for what?

Erik over at Cinematical pointed out that the Wachowskis optioned David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas, which is an anthology of six separate but loosely related narratives of varying times, places, and genres.  Back to Peter, he notes that the Wachowskis intended to produce the film for Tom Twyker (Run Lola Run), but since Twyker just wrapped on a movie called called Drei (Three), it’s unlikely he’s going to swing back behind the camera on another movie.  So have the Wachowskis picked it up?  Oh, Ms. Huffington.  What have you done?

Hit the jump to check out her photos from the set of whatever she was doing.

@ariannahuff: On the set


@ariannahuff: Profile shot from the futuristic movie on Iraq.


@ariannahuff: Quick break during the shoot


@ariannahuff: It’s a wrap! With Andy and Lana Wachowski at the end of a great shoot


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