Arnold Schwarzenegger in Talks for Indie Action Thriller CAPTIVE

     September 9, 2011


Only a few days removed from being confirmed for a “substantial role” in The Expendables 2, the former Governator is making casting headlines once again. Deadline reports that Schwarzenegger is in talks to join the indie action thriller Captive from writers Benjamin van der Veen (Che: Part Two) and Kario Salem (The Score). If the deal goes through, Captive will see Schwarzenegger take on the role of an American real estate mogul who is kidnapped and held for ransom while living in Brazil. As the story goes, while Schwarzenegger looks for a way out of the armored-truck he calls “home,” a detective works to rescue him.

Per the report, Captive was originally developed for Nicolai Fuglsig to direct. However, the filmmaker attached to helm Warner Bros.’ futuristic Robin Hood flick has now stepped aside and will work solely in an executive producer capacity. The film is currently being shipped to potential directors with the hopes of shooting next year. As for Arnold, in addition to The Expendables 2 and potentially Captive, the actor is also starring in the Kim Jee-Woon western The Last Stand as a former LAPD officer who resides to patrolling a sleepy border town following an incident that crippled his partner.

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