March 11, 2013


Two of TV’s funniest families have their sights set on possible feature treatments, but they may not show up on screens any time soon.  Matt Groening’s hit animated series The Simpsons, now in its 24th season, already has one successful feature film under its belt, but don’t expect another one any time soon.  Arrested Development-creator Mitchell Hurwitz is currently experiencing a rejuvenation of the family comedy series thanks to a fourth season production at Netflix.  So how long will it be until a movie deal gets made for the Bluth and Simpsons families?  Hit the jump to find out.

simpsons-movieFans of The Simpsons Movie who want a follow-up feature may be waiting quite a while.  THR reports that Groening and producer/director David Silverman have no plans to produce another movie for 10-15 years.  Here’s Groening’s reasoning:

 “It took us four years [to make the movie] and it killed us… it stole animators from the show.”

Part of the problem with scripting a sequel surely comes with trying to work the show’s veritable city full of characters into a sequel:

“We’ve got about 400 or 500 characters, and about 50 per episode.”

While Arrested Development has far fewer characters, Hurwitz admits to The Playlist and Vulture that it has too much story to tell in one season:

“[All] of this was to be act one of this bigger story that we have, in a lot of detail, actually, for the movie. What we don’t have is a movie deal. Know anybody?”

So while there’s unfortunately no deal in place, Hurwitz does seem interested in moving forward with plans for a feature:

 “I’ve got to go through the steps, I’ve got to pitch it to them, they’re probably going to need to see a script first, which is not how we’ve done it in television. In television you just do a pilot and then you’ve got a series and you’re doing it every week, so this is probably going to go through some approval process.”

Star Will Arnett acted as the voice of reason in saying not to get too far ahead with demand for a movie just yet:

“We do have these fourteen episodes that are about to air, and people are already mad that we don’t have the other — nobody’s even seen these,” he said. “Let’s just enjoy this for now.”

Look for Arrested Development to return with season four on Netflix in May.