ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 5 on Netflix is in … Arrested Development

     July 25, 2015


Back in April, Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer told Bill Simmons on “The B.S. Report” that the cult comedy would be back “for another 17 episodes.” At the time there was no confirmation that it would be with Netflix, but in June, Brian Grazer told Adam Carolla on his show that production will begin January 1, 2016, and that “Netflix is determined to do more episodes.”

But, according to CNNMoney, all of that may be in doubt. Grazer said in a recent interview that while “more episodes are coming,” the 17 he initially suggested may not be the case. Also, as far as the production status goes:

The creator Mitch Hurwitz is creating a writer’s room right now. We’re going to get everybody on board.

He also talked about “retrofitting” the number of episodes to what Hurwitz and the writers come up with for the season’s arc. Further, the production is in such early stages that there doesn’t appear to be a deal yet between 20th Century Fox Television and Netflix (Netflix, notably, declined to comment on the status of the show).

So, forget about it being 17 episodes and (probably) it starting production January 1st (with “episodes coming four months after that”). What we do know now for sure is that there is a writers room being set up, which is a great first step. Next up: locking down an analrapist.


Image via Netflix