Watch: ‘Arrow’ Searches for the Next Canary, Livewire Returns to ‘Supergirl’, More

     January 26, 2017


Now that those pesky winter hiatuses are over, the CW’s superhero lineup is back in action (and with a timeslot shift for Legends of Tomorrow to Tuesdays after The Flash). The episodes that kicked off the second half of the seasons for these shows, as well as Arrow and Supergirl, were an odd bunch. On The Flash, the S.T.A.R. Labs team has seemingly learned nothing from Barry’s tinkering of the timeline, and are plowing head-first into another plan to change the future. Arrow started things off with a quiet episode that found the character’s each contemplating who they really are in the wake of a brutal season. The Legends went the other way with things, with a goofy episode that was all about fan service and a love of George Lucas movies. Supergirl, though, had perhaps the strangest outing of the bunch, in and episode that was narratively all over the place.

Below you’ll find the trailers for the episodes that will follow-up these premieres, and it looks like most are starting to settle in with their respective plot arcs for the rest of the season, which I’ll talk about more in depth below: