WonderCon: ARROW Panel Recap Featuring Cast and Crew Commentary, Details about Upcoming Episodes and a Sneak-Peek Video Montage

     April 1, 2013


The CW’s hit freshman series Arrow delighted fans during a panel presentation this weekend at WonderCon.  Based on DC comics liberal hero Green Arrow, Arrow stars Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne and Colin Donnell participated in a Q&A along with executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who let a few spoilers out in order to please fans.  They also screened a special montage video of scenes for the upcoming episodes to close out the first season.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on the CW.  Hit the jump to watch the video montage and to see our panel recap.

Check out the teaser montage from the upcoming episodes of Arrow:

At the start of the panel, the Arrow team unleashed an action-packed, cinematic trailer-style highlight reel offering fans a first look at footage from upcoming episodes of the breakout hit drama. The exclusive sneak peek not only features guest stars Jamey Sheridan (Robert Queen), Seth Gabel (The Count), Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) and more, but also includes glimpses of Oliver’s escalating struggle against “The Undertaking” — and wrangles of another sort with Laurel Lance.

stephen amell ArrowHere’s a recap of the highlights from the panel’s Q&A:

  • When asked how Amell was holding up, he said he was just fine and would press on: “The show can’t go smaller; gotta go bigger!”
  • Amell won’t be the only one getting in on the action as Holland said, “Hopefully [I’ll be] kicking ass very soon.”
  • Holland really wants to pick up a bow and arrow; Guggenheim hinted that a moment in the season finale will make her happy.
  • Guggenheim also revealed that Tommy, played by Donnell, will get a cool moment with a gun.  Amell commented that he hoped it wouldn’t be aimed at him.
  • Guggenheim and the writers have a wishlist of things they want to see, including further character development for Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), the possible arrival of another member of the Justice League, the return of Deadshot, the appearance of Argus, a possible scene between John Barrowman and Alex Kingston in the second season, Donnell singing on camera and more Easter eggs (like the Flash nod they worked into a recent episode).
  • As for the timeline of flashbacks to the island, Guggenheim has them planned out up to season five, which will end with the first flashback from the pilot which showed Queen lighting the signal fire on the island.
  • Amell admits to doing most of the parkour stunts in a recent episode but wouldn’t comment as to all of the motorcycle stuntwork.
  • Felicity fans will have to wait a while before the possibility of anything happening between her and Oliver since he has to deal with his own love triangle for the moment.
  • Amell and Blackthorne reminisce about the time Amell accidentally broke a stuntman’s nose in episode five during the bedroom fight.
  • Arrow stephen amellAmell commented on the end of their first season, saying, “There are no loose ends in the season; everything is tied up, even the little things.”
  • The panel reminded fans that there is more story to be found in the Arrow digital comics, which will continue for several weeks after the end of the season.
  • Guggenheim said that the look of the costume in the series is inspired by Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters.  He also mentioned that the show will continue to deal with real world issues and will try to highlight Green Arrow’s liberal ideology.
  • The first flashback to a non-island event will occur in episode 21 and will also feature Walter Steele (Colin Salmon).
  • Amell’s archery instructor showed him a video montage of all the ways Hollywood has gotten archery wrong.  He rarely gets to shoot live arrows on set due to safety issues, but when he learns how to shoot on the island, Amell actually fired an arrow into a target and ruined the take by celebrating when he hit the bullseye.
  • Guggenheim revealed a moment involving Thea (Holland) that was cut from an earlier episode.  It showed Thea crushing up drugs with her Jr. Archery trophy.
  • We’ll learn more about Tommy’s mom, Rebecca, and hear her voice.
  • When asked if he’d ever play Aquaman, Amell said that he’d love to play any other DC hero or even a villain.
  • The production set aside money to spend on the last two episodes, promising to be a very explosive conclusion to the first season.
  • There will be a rematch between Arrow and the Dark Archer in ways you can’t expect.

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