12 Things to Know about ARROW Season 4: “Pure Evil” Headed to Starling City

     July 16, 2015


The final episode of Arrow‘s third season did the unthinkable – it let Oliver Queen be happy. Ollie and Felicity literally rode off into the sunset as Team Arrow rallied to give their hooded leader a well-deserved break and protect Starling City as a unit. But the show is titled Arrow after all, so it’s only a matter of time before Oliver will be drawn back into the city’s limits and all the villainous antics therein.

While at Comic-Con, I sat down with the cast and producers of to get a glimpse at what’s coming up in Arrow Season 4. While filming has only just begun, stars Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, and executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle were willing to drop a few teases about what’s in store for Ollie and Co. next. Check out what I learned below.

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    The fourth season picks up after a five month time jump when Team Arrow is protecting the city without Arrow’s help – they’re a functional unit, and doing a damn fine job, until something draws Ollie back into the fold.

  • Oliver and Felicity are actually going to be happy at the start of season four, and it sounds like it may stay that way for a while! Wendy Mericle said that this season will explore the ups and downs of having a relationship in the Arrow cave.
  • While some people might think Arrow is lightening up a bit due to the success of The Flash (Ollie cracks a joke in episode 2!), Guggenheim said it was always the plan that season 3 would end will Oliver in a happy place.

  • Guggenheim also said that the overarching plan is that the show would evolve toward the Green Arrow you know and love in the comics.
  • Amell noted that the end of season three marked the closing of a major chapter for Oliver. He had previously been so defined by his hooded persona, but the finale saw him chose to give it all up. Ollie in season four is a new and different man.
  • Now that Oliver has left Hong Kong behind, where will the flashbacks take place? Mums the word from the cast and producers alike, though Guggenheim said the setting is “somewhere familiar, but very surprising.”
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    According to Guggenheim, season four’s mysterious villain Damian Darhk (who will be portayed by Neal McDonough) is pure evil, and further, a form of evil we haven’t seen on the show before.

  • And what of Ollie’s old nemesis, the pesky Malcom Merryn? He’s a bit busy being the new Ra’s al Ghul, but he’ll still pop up on occasion to rustle up some trouble and mess with Oliver and Damian alike. The season will also explore his relationship with Nyssa.
  • Diggle may be pissed at Ollie right now, but rest assured, the bromance will survive. David Ramsey explained that Diggle sees Oliver’s actions as a “liability” and “strategically” unsound, and he’s the only one who will really hold their fearless leader responsible for his actions. But Ramsey assured, it won’t be too long before they’re reunited and their bond of respect will be stronger than ever.
  • Fans who’ve wanted to see Diggle assume his own hero persona alongside team Arrow are about to get their wish. Ramsey explained, “Diggle needs some concealment,” especially now that he has a wife and child at home.
  • As for Laurel, Katie Cassidy promised a much “more polished” Black Canary this season now that she’s had the chance to work out some kinks in the field.
  • Look forward to more of Mama Smoak, as Emily Bett Rickards says Charlotte Ross is set to return for a couple episodes.


Image via The CW