See Over 40 Behind the Scenes Images from the Sets of ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow’

     October 29, 2015


As you may have seen in some of our recent posts on tidbits from The Flash, ArrowiZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, and pics from Supernatural and more, I was able to visit the sets of a slew of TV shows in Vancouver last week courtesy of the WB. 15 fellow journalists and I got to tour some Flash locations like Barry’s lab, Cisco’s hideout, CC Jitters, the portal, Picture News, as well as the Star City police department from Arrow, and Oliver’s campaign headquarters. (Of note, though it was mostly filled with Christmas decorations, there was a full Hanukkah table — was that Felicity’s doing? Speaking of which, check out the title on her trailer).

Regarding Flash though, eagle-eyed fans will note that Cisco’s lab is full of Easter eggs from the series, including old projects he’s worked on. Also, there’s a conscious effort to blend the old and new — you’ll notice it in the details of Barry’s lab and the Picture News office. The idea is to help ground The Flash’s world in a tangible reality.

Below you’ll find pics from all of these scenes and more, including some photos of the cast during our interviews (Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Neal McDonough, Paul Blackthorne, Echo Kellum), as well as Teddy Sears noticing for the first time how that Central City police mural seems to include Jay Garrick …

flash-portal-4 flash-portal-3 flash-portal-2 flash-portal-1

flash-jitters-3 flash-jitters-2 flash-jitters-1


flash-cisco-lab-1 flash-central-city-picture-news-14 flash-central-city-picture-news-13

flash-central-city-picture-news-12 flash-central-city-picture-news-11 flash-barry-lab10

flash-barry-lab9 flash-barry-lab8 flash-barry-lab7 flash-barry-lab6

flash-barry-lab5 flash-barry-lab4 flash-barry-lab3 flash-barry-lab2


flash-jay-garrick copy

grant-gustin-flash-image jesse-l-martin-flash

arrow-lance-office-image arrow-lance-map arrow-lance-bulletin-board-4 arrow-lance-bulletin-board-3 

arrow-lance-bulletin-board-2 arrow-christmas-party-7

arrow-christmas-party-5 arrow-christmas-party-4

arrow-christmas-party-3 arrow-christmas-party-2 arrow-christmas-party-1