‘Arrow’ Season 4 Premiere Poll: Who’s in the Grave?

     October 8, 2015


Arrow‘s Season 4 premiere, “Green Arrow,” was a twisty hour, but the biggest twist was saved for the episode’s stinger. In a flash-forward, we saw Oliver (Stephen Amell) sadly approaching a fresh grave. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) appeared, and helped establish our timeline but saying he was sorry he missed the funeral, but he was off fighting Zoom (and since Barry doesn’t yet know who Zoom is exactly or what’s going on, this grave situation is probably going to be a season-long mystery). Oliver blames himself for what’s happened, asks to be left alone, and sheds a tear.

So! The question is: who’s in the grave? According to a recent interview, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle said,

“It’s not a fake-out. That’s not how we work,” […]


Image via The CW

“They will stay dead,

We want to bring stakes back to the show, so we’ll be finding a way to handle the Lazarus Pit portion of Season 3 and Season 4 in a new, inventive way that I can’t reveal, but it will be cool.”

But as far as who it might be,

“We don’t necessarily know who it is right now. We’re still figuring the plan out for the season, but we want it, obviously, to have resonance. If it doesn’t mean something to the characters, it won’t mean anything to the audience either.”

Seriously Arrow writers? You don’t know? Well, that means we could still get a vote. This poll is about who it probably is, not who you would like it to be, so keep that in mind. Let us know your write-in votes plus your reasoning in the comments. Once the truth is revealed we’ll check back and see how right (or wrong) we all were!