‘Arrow’: Katrina Law Will Return for an al Ghul Finale Showdown

     April 11, 2017


Warning: Prometheus spoilers — as in who Prometheus is — are discussed below.

Arrow‘s Season 5 finale isn’t its series finale (it’s already been renewed for Season 6 by The CW), but if it was, it could be fitting. That’s not because the show has gotten beyond redemption, but exactly because the show has focused on redemption all season. It’s been about more than Stephen Amell‘s Oliver finding it, but the show finding it with fans. Mistakes have been made, and many of them have been rectified. But Season 5 has found Arrow being much more reflective as it hit its 100th episode and beyond, working hard to ground the series back with the elements that initially made it so great — including wrapping up the flashbacks forever.

One of the best parts of that this season has been the villain Prometheus. Even though his advent followed the typical Arrow-verse structure of “a new, masked villain shows up at the same time as a fun new friend!” the reveal that Prometheus is Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) wasn’t the season-ending story — it was only the beginning. Because of his brilliance (however unhinged) he was able to keep living his life as if he wasn’t simultaneously kidnapping people and brutally torturing Oliver. It was delightful to see Lance and Rene and others seethe at him in the daylight in City Hall as he played the part of the dutiful DA while they all knew his identity. Oliver hasn’t had a foe this personal or this effective since, well, Slade Wilson.


Image via CW

As we reported yesterday, Slade / Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) will return for the show’s Season 5 finale, though we’re not exactly sure how or in what capacity (or whose side he’ll be on, as unexpected alliances have been teased). Prometheus has been so great, infusing the season with not only a great villain for Team Arrow to go up against, but with a charisma that is hard to define, and is becoming increasingly (joyously) unhinged. He’s thrown Oliver so off balance that he cocked things up by asking Anatoly to help him take Prometheus down, only to change his mind after the team protested, causing a lot of unnecessary strife. It seems like he hasn’t exactly learned his lesson, if he’s bringing Deathstroke into the fray, and next: Nyssa al Ghul! (Katrina Law).

EW is reporting that Law will be returning in the finale for an epic showdown against her half-sister, Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig), who trained both Oliver and Adrian. It should be a fantastic fight scene, but it also seems like the show is pulling out all of the stops for the finale in a meaningful way. It seems very clear that all of the show’s self-reflection has been leading up to this, which in many ways feels like it would be a great way to conclude Arrow‘s story. But since we know it won’t, maybe it will allow for a solid reset going into Season 6.

Let us know what you think about these season finale teases in the comments. FYI: the finale doesn’t air until late May, and the show returning for its final run of episodes starting April 26th.